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The Best Chicken Sandwich in North Carolina

Because Aunt Beaut says it's ok to be bossy as long as you're right

Locations in Charlotte and Winston-Salem (and coming soon to Fort Mill, SC!)

Now that's Bossy
(No really, that's her.)

I come from five generations of people who love making chicken sandwiches, but my Great Aunt Beulah's was hands-down the best. Born in 1906, Aunt Beulah (Beaut, for short) was no-nonsense but all-loving, especially to us kids. We playfully called her Bossy, but she paid no mind. The way she saw it, it’s ok to be bossy, as long as you’re right. And she was always right—especially when it came to fried chicken. She elevated the family sandwich-making craft to an art form, and we follow the same rules she laid down decades ago here at Bossy's. It's a sandwich with an old soul. —Jim Noble



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